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EOB - Creative game director

Creative game director

Creative game director

What Creative Video Game Directors do:

As a game developing stage starts, it’s up to the Video Game Creative Director (aka Lead Artist)to sit with developers to decide on the direction the project will take.

They oversee the basics of the game, from how the story develops to the characters, as well as looking at animation and sound production to make sure all departments and ideas are working towards the same outcome.

Video Game Creative Directors are also involved in making decisions about voice-over talent, foley sounds used, editing, and even how the game is advertised and sold. Most importantly, they must look ahead in their planning to anticipate any shortcomings and challenges and tackle that accordingly.

What Creative Video Game Directors are good at:

Overseeing the design process of a game with a creative flair for thinking of new innovative ideas.

Spotting excellent graphic design and making sure the standard matches player’s expectations.

Storytelling through leading dynamic storyboarding and narrative development appropriate for the game and its characters

Leading and overseeing several team members or departments

Meeting deadlines as they may be working on multiple games at once, depending on how big the game studio or publisher is.

Communicating new ideas, giving constructive feedback, managing team spirit, and connecting with marketing and advertising partners.

Programming and coding with design programmes and software like C#, C++, Python, Blueprint Visual Scripting, Unity, and Unreal Engine.

How to become a Creative Video Game Director:

You can study through A-levels or Highers or Level 3 vocational qualifications in relevant subjects like Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, or Business Studies

Most Game Designers do have a degree in Game Design, Computer Science, Programming, Animation, Marketing, or similar subjects as the experience may be preferred.

Some designers began their career as Game Designers and move into the creative director role through promotion. It’s therefore possible to start as a game tester or game designer through work experience or an apprenticeship to work up to the role.

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to have a portfolio, including completed or prototype game projects, written game design documents or proposals.

"It's easy to get lost in details, but the CD job is to take a step back, look at the big picture. While at the same time, you're solicited on very small details, like what colour a car should be. So the ability to switch between big picture and second to second player experience is key. It's like having this Google map ability to zoom in and out real quick."
Caroline Marchal, Interior Night's founder, CEO and creative director (for gamesindustry.biz)

How much you could earn:

The average salary for a Creative Director in the UK is £50,000.

Base salary averages around £30,000 while most experienced workers make up to £85,000 and more. (Source: Glassdoor)