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EOB - About


We know we all have the power to be curious and learn, we just have to respect that some students respond differently to different teaching methods and environments.

Who we are

We exist for each student

We say this because each student joins us with their own specific needs to be nurtured. It breaks our heart that a child has had to experience emotions of exclusion, lack of acceptance or indifference within education. We’re here to reverse that. Each student’s happiness, mental well-being, potential and confidence is our priority. We take our role as their educator and supporter very seriously because we know just how fragile their happiness can be. Their time with us helps to shape their development and it also positively impacts students' social relationships with both friends and family and their pathway…

We know there’s unity in our team

We are unified in our mission to deliver an inspirational place of learning to SEN students. We rely on each other for support and to ensure that any obstacles are overcome when a student presents a new challenge. We’re positive in our outlook to be able to come together and cater for each student’s needs.

We work with agility, sensitivity and full communication

We’re progressive, agile in our approach and always communicate openly with parents, SENCOs and local authorities. EOB embraces change because we know it can lead to better, we stand firm on our beliefs and delivery because after 8 years we know it works. We see the negative impact that delays in the current system cause and we achieve the opposite.

We are creatively tenacious

We use our expertise to show our students how they can bring something to life that they see or hear in their head and make it a tangible product in the world. Using teaching techniques we hone pupils' creative tenacity to spot opportunities and create a future for themselves where they are fulfilled.

Our vision at Enemy of Boredom

SEN and Alternative learning students feel accepted and reach their full potential.

We’re a team of like minded, music and gaming industry professionals who set out with a clear vision to deliver a curriculum using teaching methods that would engage, inspire and ultimately help SEN and Alternative learning students feel accepted and reach their full potential.

We know we all have the power to be curious and learn, we just have to respect that some students respond differently to different teaching methods and environments.

By creating an inclusive learning environment, specifically designed for SEN students, we rebuild their confidence, working with SENCOs to create a pathway back into mainstream education, or preparing the student to graduate and move into work.

We re-energise each students’ thirst for life and learning, and we take immense pride in seeing their confidence grow as they start to feel motivated with life and realising their future prospects

All our team members are dedicated to providing a positive experience for each student, their parents, SENCOs and local authorities. We know if we work together we can reverse bad SEN education stories into positives and assist all involved.

Every single element that makes up our overall approach at Enemy of Boredom is in place for a reason. We did the research back then and created our academy after talking to carers, parents, teachers, SENCOs, local authorities, child psychologists, speech therapists and behavioural problem solvers, all with the single mission of creating education pathways for SEN and alternative education needs students.

This did not happen overnight. However, we can look back now at the experience and curriculum that we’ve created and know that we’ve achieved our goal.

Looking ahead, we have two main goals:

1. EOB will continue to expand our offering across more locations to enable our tried and tested curriculum to transform even more SEN students’ lives into ones that heal their mindset, engage and inspire them, and create opportunities within the workplace for them.

2. EOB will relieve the stress of an overwhelmed system and provide more support for SENCOs, parents and local authorities with their delivery.

Creators Note

Controller Hand

If you love video game design and music production, there is a place for you here.

It’s vital to recognise that we challenge students with projects that need to be solved or created. We don’t challenge who they are or why they are the way they are. We accept it, find an appropriate ‘workaround’ and carry on as normal. Daily life at Enemy of Boredom sees everyone immersed in project work, new tech and future prospects so, after a while the ‘primary focus is no longer on their neurodiversity but success in their studies .

Nothing makes the team happier or prouder than seeing a new student attend Enemy of Boredom looking pensive in the morning and by home time, leaving with a grin.

Their excitement to belong somewhere is real and it makes every second of our jobs worthwhile.

I’ll look forward to welcoming you to Enemy of Boredom.

- Steve Godwin, Creator of the EOB Academy.