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EOB - Coach



What Coaches do:

It’s a Coach’s job to train and help a gaming team so they can compete against other teams at tournaments and competitions and win.

As the role implies, they coach the team and individual players by focusing on motivation, team cohesion, tactics, strategies, discipline, ironing out weaknesses, and improving strengths.

They also research opponent teams by recording match videos to develop strategies that will win the matches and prizes in turn.

What Coaches are good at:

Managing a team through leadership, people and communication skills.

Motivating the team and individual players.

Analysing game data to better understand team performance and areas for improvement.

Helping players build their skills, knowledge, and strategic ability.

Working effectively in fast-paced team environments.

How to become a Coach:

Most people who become Coaches don’t have or need degrees, but only their passion, skill as gamers. They tend to also have experience as professional gamers themselves, with leadership skills to help oversee a team.

It’s a good idea to research professional gaming teams to see how coaches work, and even reaching out to volunteer or speak to coaches to understand their expertise.

It could also be helpful to look at coaching courses or qualifications that could help gain the right skills to manage and develop other people’s skills.

“Develop a coaching style and philosophy towards the game. This should develop organically based on your experience and knowledge. Don’t pick a random strategy and force it. Are you a hyper-positive and playful coach, or do you favor clear, direct feedback? Are you an innovator who constantly finds new strategies in your game, or do you focus on mastering the most popular strategy? A lot of this comes down to your attitude towards the game and your personality as a person.”
‘How to Master Games and Become an Esports Coach’ - WikiHow

How much you could earn:

The national average salary for a Coach is £28,000 per year in the UK.

The lowest salary averages around £15,000 per year, while the more experienced coaches for the world’s top teams can earn between £40,000 and £100,000. (Source: Britishesports.com)