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EOB - Business management

Business management

Business management

What Business Managers do:

A Business Manager is responsible for a team who together implement strategies that generates revenue or profit for a game studio or publisher.

Similar to Sales/Partnership Managers, they help identify new opportunities in the game industry, help build partnerships, and focus on making sure customers – in this case gamers, studios, and publishers – are satisfied with the product and services.

What Business managers are good at:

Designing and implementing business plans and strategies to achieve goals.

Organising and managing teams to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Gathering and reading external and internal data and write reports

Analysing and assessing performance against objectives.

Networking with games and media organisations, news contacts, gamers, and influencers.

Working towards commercial goals and targets.

Building partnerships and securing deals and revenue.

Showing great people and communication skills.

Maintaining composure with high-pressure situations and timelines.

Understanding research methods and data analysis techniques.

How to become a Business manager:

You can study through A-levels or Highers or Level 3 vocational qualifications in relevant subjects like English, Maths, or Business Studies.

Most Sales / Partnership managers do have a degree in Marketing, Communications, Business and Management, or similar subjects as the experience may be preferred. However, the role requires industry experience so someone straight out of university is less likely to step straight into the role.

Experience can be gained by working your way up through work experience or an apprenticeship in a junior role.

Whatever you choose, it’s essential to network by attending game launch events, conventions, and conferences, to get a first-hand experience and speak to experts.

“There are many events and companies that help young people to get into the games industry, e.g. the Women in Games conference and We Makes Games meet-ups are great ways to meet and talk to people. Getting your feet into the games industry early is key to make valuable connections with likeminded people and promote yourself. there are many courses you can take to [gain] strong sales experience but the real secret to Business Development is to push yourself to connect and meet as many new people as you can, being your friendly, open and honest self.”
Nadine Oehmcke, Business Development Manager, nDreams (for intogames.org)

How much you could earn:

The average Business Manager salary in the UK is around £50,000.

A starting salary can range from £26,000, while more experienced managers could command salaries of £70,000 to £80,000 and beyond. (Source: Glassdoor)